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Used Car Sales in Southfield MI - Good or Bad Credit Options

Southfield Michigan residents will eventually need vehicles that they can rely on to get them back and forth to work and to run daily errands. Used vehicles are sometimes the best option for several reasons. First, the price of a used vehicle is significantly less than the price of a newer vehicle is. Southfield used cars can fit a struggling person's budget easily. Used cars in Southfield from a used car dealer may be beneficial to a person because of the wear. The previous owners have already broken the vehicles in in so to speak. Interested persons can request used car specials at the Glassman Auto Group. The Glassman Auto Group is a trusted used car dealer that has been providing amazing deals to consumers for years.

Southfield Used Cars - Best Selection is at Glassman Auto Group

The goal of the team at Glassman is to provide each customer with a wealth of choices from which he or she can choose a suitable vehicle. The inventory of Southfield used cars consists of vehicles that are in every class. Crossover vehicles are for people who enjoy the interior spacing and convenience that an SUV provides and the economic aspects of an economy vehicle. The Subaru XV Crosstrek is an example of a vehicle that a consumer can find in Glassman's inventory. The Crosstrek has a highly economical 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that has a variable automatic transmission. The fuel efficiency that the vehicle has is magnificent. Drivers can get up to 34 miles per gallon on the highway, which is more gallons than many of the small modern vehicles can get.

The Kia Optima is another beautiful car that a consumer may find through Southfield MI Used Car Sales. The Kia Optima is a large sedan that can double as a luxury vehicle. The vehicle has a powerful 2.0-liter, I-4 engine that can amazingly get 274 horsepower. The vehicle can hold as many as five people in it, which is excellent spacing for families who do not want to drive an SUV on their trips. The fuel efficiency is above average, as Optima drivers can get up to 31 highway miles from each gallon in the tank. Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Optima is the sleek appeal of the Ebony Black model.

Southfield dealerships can offer a consumer access to the Hyundai Elantra through Southfield MI used car sales. The Elantra has a reasonable price tag for a consumer who is on a tight budget. The vehicle is a colorful, economical and safety-packed vehicle for consumers of all ages. The fuel efficiency of the Elantra is one of the highest on the market. Drivers can enjoy getting approximately 38 miles out of each gallon. Some of the safety features that the Elantra has are anti-lock brakes, child safety locks, stability control, traction control and more. Lakeside Blue is one of the many attractive colors that the vehicle comes in.

Southfield Dealerships Can Help Any Consumer Despite Credit Score

In today's economy, consumers are having a difficult time getting loans, especially when they have troubled pasts. Fortunately, such individuals can request used car specials at the Glassman Auto Group. Glassman Southfield dealerships understand that people go through hardships that may prevent them from living up to their expectations from time to time. The company believes in offering financing options to those who have poor credit scores. The finance specialists at the firm can walk any applicant through the process of getting funds for a vehicle from the used car dealer.

The company accepts trade-in vehicles from its prospective customers, which means that it will consider any vehicle that an applicant owns. The financial experts at the firm are trustworthy individuals who will give a used vehicle an honest appraisal. The specialists will then deduct the appraisal figure from the total cost of the new vehicle. A trade-in vehicle can sometimes work wonders for a person who is trying to stay under a certain figure for expenses. The financial specialists will help the customer to figure the best deal for the customer's comfort.

Customers Who Complete Southfield Used Car Sales Have Access to Service Options 

Another benefit that Glassman offers its customers is service options. Persons who purchase vehicles at Glassman have access to service options. They can contact the facility when they need maintenance procedures such as oil changes, radiator flushes, tire rotations, spark and wire changes and the like. They can count on the service technicians to tend to their needs in the time of crisis, as well. Glassman believes in providing its customers with the utmost level of convenience. On-site repairs and maintenance is the highest level of convenience that one can have. Buyers never have to worry about taking risks at a third-party repair shop. They can contact the same place that sold them the car. 

Request Used Car Specials at the Glassman Auto Group

An interested person can start the process of obtaining a used vehicle by contacting a representative today. Alternatively, the person can sift through the online inventory to see what's available to him or her. A long test drive will give a prospective customer the opportunity to experience the vehicle's performance up front. It will give the person the chance to see if it suits his or her needs. Specialists are waiting for contact from consumers who need used vehicles for their daily tasks. Glassman specialists are happy to help.


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