Research 2017 KIA Cadenza Detroit Michigan

2017 KIA Cadenza Detroit Michigan

2017 KIA Cadenza Review

 This is a Michigan KIA Cadenza review that looks at strengths of the model, updates to the model, the value of the model, and key trim on the model. Visit your local Glassman Auto Group to see the Cadenza in person.Model Strengths: The 2017 KIA Cadenza Detroit features many driver assistance tools that promote a safer ride. These features are a "smart blind detection system, advanced smart cruise control, forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, and lane departure warning."Disclaimer: These systems are not substitutes for proper and safe driving, parking, and/or backing-up procedures. Always drive safely and use caution. These systems may not detect every object behind or alongside the vehicle or in the vehicle's blind spot or direction of travel.The 2017 Cadenza has a body that is made of 50% Advanced High Strength Steel that provides for a solid and secure ride. There is a sense of luxury at an affordable price when driving the 2017 Cadenza with optional Nappa leather seats and a classy interior. The rigid body allows for responsive handling. To make it easier to load and unload the trunk, it features a smart technology that allows the trunk to automatically open after three seconds. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard in the Cadenza.

Model Changes:

There have been many updates to the 2017 KIA Cadenza. Research by MotorTrend shows that the car has been made bigger and wider on the interior and exterior while maintaining a sleek look. The 2017 Cadenza is an inch wider than the previous model which leads to a tighter look to the car. On the interior, there is an extra cubic foot which makes for a roomier ride for backseat passengers. The engine is a 3.3 liter V6 and gets better gas mileage than the previous Cadenza models. The Cadenza has a more rigid body than its predecessors which leads to better handling. During production of the car, there were 3D printing models used which has led to a captivating driving experience. In the 2017 Cadenza, the side panels are stronger which improves their dent resistance. The driver seat has been lowered which allows for more responsive engagement with the steering wheel.

Model Value:

The 2017 Cadenza quotes are predicted to have a base model price of 32,000 and a Limited model that will be below 44,000. For the luxury feel of the car this is an affordable and attainable price. The 2017 Cadenza quotes are not officially released but are estimated to be around those prices. These estimations are 1,000 less than the 2016 prices.

Model Overview:

The 2017 KIA Cadenza brings style and comfort in a light ride that is responsive to driving conditions. The Cadenza is a large Sedan and under the hood there is an 8-speed automatic transmission and there are sound-dimming windows to ensure that the Cadenza has a quiet ride. Research shows that the Cadenza goes from 0-60 in 6.2 seconds. The interior of the Cadenza features high-quality materials that give the appearance of luxury at an affordable price. The 2017 Cadenza has responsive controls in the dashboard and navigation menus including directions that are displayed directly in the windshield so that drivers' eyes do not need to leave the road if looking at directions. The KIA Cadenza has responsive handling that makes driving on the highway or on back roads enjoyable and engaging. What has not changed in the 2017 Cadenza are the trademark features that make the brand identifiable such as the iconic grill and sleek, straight-line design. Overall, the Cadenza brings luxury and responsive driving at a non-luxury price.

Model Key Trim Features

The trim on the 2017 Cadenza is highlighted by the use of lights to identify the model. According to US News the headlights are Z-shaped and the taillights are LED. The steering wheel comes wrapped in leather on all versions. The hexagonal shape of the grill accentuates the wider version of this 2017 Cadenza. There is chrome on areas such as the side mirrors as well as chrome side molding. There is real stitching on the dashboard and soft-touch materials on the doors. The driver seat has been lowered to ensure a more comfortable drive and connection with the steering wheel. There are four different color combinations that can be had in select models of the 2017 Cadenza. There are heated seats that come with auto regulated heat controls that turn down after a period of time.

*2017 Cadenza Pre-Production model shown on the KIA Manufacturing WebsiteHas this Michigan KIA Cadenza review piqued your interest in learning more about the 2017 Cadenza? Excited to learn more about the 2017 KIA Cadenza Detroit? Visit your local Glassman Auto Group online.

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