For most car buyers today, applying for auto loans is simply one part of the buying process. Some will easily be able to qualify for financing through the car dealership, but others will have the unfortunate experience of learning that they have a lower credit rating and do not qualify for traditional bank financing. If you have lower credit scores, you may be wondering how you will be able to afford to pay for the vehicle that you have your eye on in Pontiac MI. While you may feel stressed after learning that you have been denied traditional financing, you can rest easy knowing that Detroit Car Credit has the bad credit auto loans in Pontiac that you are looking for. Serving Pontiac bad cred car shoppers.


What to Expect From Our Auto Loans

While many banks and financial institutions make their lending decisions based in large part on a borrower's credit scores, we look at a wide range of factors when we extend a loan to you. The best loan terms with the lowest rates will be given to borrowers with an excellent credit score, as you might expect. However, that does not mean that financing is not available for you. We want to help all of our valued clients throughout Pontiac MI obtain the financing they need to purchase a car, and we look past lower credit scores when we extend loans. You can expect us to take a more lenient look at your credit rating than other lenders may. Serving Pontiac auto loan shoppers.

When You Apply for Your Loan - Bad Credit Auto Loans

If you have already been declined for car loans due to a lower credit rating in Pontiac MI, you may be intimidated about trying to apply for another car loan. However, our bad credit auto loans in Pontiac are easy for you to apply for. We have set up a simple online application that only requires a few minutes of your time, and you can easily complete the application form right now to learn about your approval status. We have already extended car loans to many applicants who have a lower credit rating, and we may be able to set up an affordable loan to help you with your next vehicle purchase. The only way to find out for sure if you will qualify for our competitive loans is to apply online.

How to Shop for Your Next Vehicle

There are several different ways that you can shop for your next vehicle. If you already have a vehicle picked out and you are simply trying to find the right financing that will work for you, you can apply for your vehicle loan today. If you have not yet selected the vehicle that you want to purchase, you can apply for a loan today to determine how large of a loan you are pre-qualified for. With your pre-qualification letter in hand, you will be able to narrow down your vehicle choices to those that are priced within your budget. This means that you can talk to the salesperson at the dealership with complete confidence, and you will not feel as though you are wasting your time looking at vehicles that you cannot afford to purchase.

We specialize in providing bad credit auto loans in Pontiac to our valued clients. Whether you have known for a while that you have bad credit scores or you have already recently discovered this fact, you may be challenged by the task of trying to purchase your next car. With our affordable car loans that are designed specifically for borrowers like you with a lower credit rating, your dream of purchasing a new car can come true.


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