Chapter 7? No Problem Used Cars Southfield MI

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a difficult experience and can leave you wondering if you'll ever be able to finance another automobile. At the Glassman Auto Group, objective number one is to get you into the vehicle of your choice no matter what your current or past credit history reveals. The used car loans available through the dealership are designed to get customers the lowest possible interest rates and an agreeable down payment amount.  Buyers in Southfield, MI and surrounding communities are encouraged to go ahead and apply for financing even if they have a liquidated bankruptcy that has passed settlement with creditors. You can indeed drive home in a used car, truck, or SUV even if you have this type of black mark on your credit history. Chapter 7 no problem for purchasing and financing a vehicle so long as you're willing to settle for higher than average interest rates.

The Best Financing For Bad Credit

Bankruptcy doesn't bar you from getting a car loan. The large inventory on the Glassman Auto Group dealer lots means great deals even if your credit score has blemishes. The best selection of used cars Southfield MI residents will find is at Glassman Auto, and the finance department there is willing to work hard to get you the desired loan term period, down payment, and monthly payments you can afford.  If you have a Chapter 7 bankruptcy on record but have settled for debt payoff with the creditors, you are entitled to search for new financing. It's a good idea to draw up a new monthly budget to see what you can actually afford. This means calculating all monthly expenses, determining the probable trade-in value of any car you still own, and probably changing your monthly buying habits, but in the end the effort will be worth it. Once you've determined how much you can afford to spend on a used car, contact Glassman Atuo Group online or come down to the dealership to get quotes based on your pre-approval application.

Loans For Southfield MI Buyers

Southfield Michigan residents with bankruptcy or other bad credit history can work with a trained finance representative at Glassman Auto Group. The finance department works with numerous lenders in the Detroit area as well as banks and lenders nationwide. This means that comparison shopping for loan deals is one of the dealership's specialties.  Used cars have a higher value these days than just a couple of decades ago. The newest features in high-tech and entertainment as well as in safety systems means that cars depreciate more slowly than every before. This may sound frightening at first because the used car prices are higher than just a few years ago, but it's actually good news for used car buyers. Lenders consider the collateral value of a used car very closely, and the higher the value, the more money the lender can get for the car should a loan repayment default occur. Lenders are willing to take a chance on an individual with a bankruptcy on record, and even though the interest rate will be higher, approval is generally easy. Used car loans in Southfield Michigan are not difficult to obtain so long as the information provided by the applicant is accurate.

Michigan's Largest Used Car Inventory

The Glassman Auto Group has a huge selection of used Hyundai, Kia, Saab, and Subaru models on the dealer lots. Buyers can also choose from the large inventory of other car brand models that were traded in by recent shoppers. All of the cars, trucks, and SUVs on the lots have been thoroughly inspected and made ready for sale by the experienced service department personnel, so buying a lemon will never occur when shopping at the Glassman Auto Group.  Before deciding to purchase, car shoppers with poor credit or a bankruptcy on record are encouraged to meet with their own banker, credit union representative, or other financial advisor. This will result in a designed program including a monthly budget that comes in handy when consulting with one of the Glassman Auto Group finance reps. Chances are, buyers will be able to secure financing that fits their budget and will drive away in a late model used vehicle they never thought they could afford.

A Used Car Is A Good Investment

No matter what the individual's credit rating, a car is hard to beat when it comes to helping restore a credit history. Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy is never easy, but making timely payments on a loan secured by a vehicle goes a lot further to restore faith in creditors than does a secured or unsecured credit card account. A personal loan usually carries a high interest rate and short repayment term, so a car loan is a much more desirable option for starting out on the road to financial responsibility.  Poor credit and Chapter 7 no problem when applying for a car loan at the Glassman Auto Group. This dealership believes that everyone deserves a second chance, and since buyers are looking to purchase a vehicle, it's expected that they need one badly. The sales reps, finance professionals, and service mechanics at the dealership aren't interested in your past problems. They want to establish a long-term relationship with you, and they will do so by building trust from the start.

Contact Glassman Auto For The Best Deals In Town

The best selection of used cars Southfield MI residents will find is at Glassman Auto. We help finance everyone including those with past credit problems, debt consolidations, and straight bankruptcies. Contact Glassman Atuo Group today or visit the dealership's online finance pages. Chances are you will be approved for a used car at an affordable price and agreeable loan term.