2018 KIA NIRO Plug-In Hybrid in Michigan

Kia's Niro Plug-in Hybrid gives buyers another option in a small crossover. This plug-in variant of the hybrid Niro offers a bit more fuel efficiency for those who want the "greenest" crossover they can get. Glassman Auto Group offers the Niro alongside other great cars and SUVs. The Niro line-up features five trim levels with differing levels of standard equipment and different options. A variety of modern safety features, like multiple airbags, make these vehicles a safe choice as well. Thanks to the advanced engine and drivetrain you don't have to sacrifice range or highway performance to drive an eco-friendly vehicle. If you might like to buy a 2018 KIA NIRO Plug-In Hybrid in Michigan, we invite you to visit our KIA dealership today. Before you go shopping, we invite you to read a 2018 NIRO Plug-In Hybrid review as soon as you can.


The 2018 Niro Plug-In Hybrid offers LX, EX, and EX Premium trim levels. You can choose from cloth or leather trim levels, heated or ventilated seats, and premium audio levels. All Niro models feature a variety of connectivity options, including Bluetooth hands-free calling, Android and Apple connectivity, and USB ports. All models also come with steering-wheel mounted audio controls. Driver and passengers alike will appreciate the automatic, dual-zone temperature control system. A standard rear-view camera makes backing up and parallel parking easier, and safer. A heated steering wheel would be a nice feature to have on a cold Michigan morning, and this is an option with the Niro. Heated seats are also an option. Have a look at the comfortable 2018 KIA NIRO Plug-In Hybrid to see what the different interior trim options look like.


The Niro line features an aerodynamic exterior that ends in a body-colored spoiler. Black cladding and body-color mirrors and door handles contribute to a clean, modern look. The windows feature solar control glass to help keep the interior cool. Heated outside mirrors are a welcome option here in Michigan. All models get a solar-absorbing windshield and privacy glass. Likewise, all Niros come with alloy wheels. A distinctive eco-badge and a charging port set this model apart from the standard hybrid Niro. Glassman Auto Group offers a good selection of Niros in different trim levels. Take a look at a 2018 NIRO Plug-In Hybrid review to see what the experts have to say about this crossover's mechanical and safety features.


This is a modern and sophisticated crossover. It boasts independent front and rear suspension, an efficient gas engine working with a compact electric motor, and disc brakes on all four wheels. Power-assisted steering makes parking a breeze. The dual overhead cam engine works with the electric motor to provide torque, good driving range, and brisk acceleration. Like many electric vehicles, the Niro uses something called an AC synchronous permanent magnet electric motor. The motor runs on a 1.59 kilowatt bank of light and sturdy lithium ion polymer batteries. As a plug-in, this crossover can be powered-up at thousands of locations across the country. You can learn more about the KIA hybrid drive system on their Web site. The 2018 KIA NIRO Plug-In Hybrid also comes with a peppy and efficient drivetrain.


The 2017 drivetrain is back in the 2018 KIA NIRO Plug-In Hybrid in Michigan. All Niros come with a 1.5-liter DOHC (dual overhead cam) engine producing 104 horsepower. Combined with a 43-horsepower electric motor, the parallel hybrid drive system makes 139 horsepower. The two power sources together make less power but add to the range and cut pollution. A parallel hybrid system used both gas engine and electric motor to drive the vehicle. Other hybrid drivers use an electric motor to boost the gas engine. Like most other hybrids, the 2018 KIA NIRO Plug-In uses on lithium-ion polymer batteries. Get a 2018 KIA NIRO Plug-In Hybrid in Michigan.


The 2018 KIA NIRO Plug-In Hybrid offers comes with numerous safety features. There are multiple airbags, including one for the driver's knees. Passengers get additional protection from side-curtain airbags. Parents will appreciate the LATCH system for anchoring child safety seats. Drivers will love the variety of safe driving aids like electronic stability control, traction control and a break assists system. The Niro also comes with anti-lock brakes. Michigan drivers will really appreciate the anti-lock brakes and the extra measure of driving safety they provide when coupled with that traction control and the standard hill start assist feature. Check 2018 NIRO Plug-In Hybird review articles to learn about crash safety for passengers and drivers.

Check out a 2018 NIRO Plug-In Hybrid review and you will see what a great option this crossover is. Different trim levels and a variety of optional equipment make it easy to pick a Niro that works for you. If you are convinced, you can search our current inventory online, or you can visit Glassman Auto Group today to take a closer look at the Niro when it hits showrooms later this year.

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