The dealers serving Dearborn Michigan insist on having adequate legroom on the back seat for the occupants, meaning that it can suit your family if you are traveling. Whatever the duration of the journey, your family will be comfortable since a combination of the spacious interior and an advanced suspension system will guarantee a smooth ride. The coil springs and shock absorbers of the Sorento for Sale also insulate the vehicle from the road noise, preventing it from penetrating into the interior space.


The dealers serving Dearborn Michigan include an array of exciting interior features that include the retractable window shades, dual zone climate control, LCD speedometer, and an LCD touchscreen. This touchscreen has lots of gauges, dials, telemetrics, and infotainment features that allow you to connect to the Internet. These hands-free features are easy to use, meaning that you can receive a phone call at the touch of a button. The Glassman Auto Group includes an agile steering system that allows this nimble car to navigate around other vehicles, especially in the traffic jam. The special power steering features give the car a unique ability to turn in a tight space with ease. Whether you are beating the traffic or parking at a mall, the special steering system will work to your advantage.


According to the Glassman Auto Group, the exterior features of the KIA make a huge impact on the appearance of the car. The compact shape allows the easy maneuverability in tight areas while contributing to the overall aesthetic value. The car is available in a variety of colors and shades that suit the preferences of many people. The sellers serving Dearborn Michigan insist on the chrome rims that add a touch of style and luxury in the car. Take advantage of the extra cameras at the rear that helps a driver to avoid obstacles when reversing. Some models of this car come with laser cameras that estimate the distance from your car to the other vehicles. The Sorento for Sale has cameras help you to maintain a safe distance throughout your journey. The system estimates the braking distance you need to stop depending on your speed. Such technologies can help you to avoid collisions since you will take the necessary precautions beforehand.


Every model at the Glassman Auto Group has an automatic transmission system that shifts the gears without a hitch. You can also choose the manual or tiptronic gearboxes that combine with the smooth cruising to guarantee a comfortable ride for the driver as well as the passengers. The 2017 KIA Sorento has several safety features that protect you. The KIA Sorento has a 4-cylinder engine that generates immense horsepower and torque. In addition, the vehicle delivers a significant amount of braking power that enables it to stop immediately and avoid the possibility of a collision. Having a strong acceleration potential can be dangerous if a car lacks reliable brakes. The special emergency brakes are some of the key safety features of the KIA. The 2017 KIA Sorento has lots of airbags that also protect the driver's knees. The all-wheel drive car has special off-road capabilities that help it to navigate the rough roads, steep hills, steep descents, and muddy conditions. In addition, the four-cylinder engine generates sufficient power to handle the hills with ease. Besides the precise steering, the Dearborn area KIA Sorento Specials guarantees easy maneuverability and accuracy. The 2017 KIA Sorento for Sale near Dearborn has some dashboard features such as dials and gauges that avail the information you need to monitor the performance of the vehicle. The 2017 KIA Sorento has the dynamic dending light feature that minimizes the glare when driving at night.


The Sorento for sale has a high reputation when it comes to the reliability of its powertrain. The axles and driveshafts are sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear that afflicts many vehicles. The availability of genuine spare parts and the ability to eliminate the counterfeit products from the market allows the car owners to enjoy the longevity of KIA's products. In addition, the KIA provides warranties that enable the owners to enjoy affordable services throughout the year. The Dearborn area KIA Sorento Specials include some superior powertrain features that deliver the power from the motor to the wheels in a smooth fashion, guaranteeing a comfortable ride in the process. The 2017 KIA Sorento for Sale near Dearborn has innovative steering assistance features that help to improve the stability of the vehicle.


Most drivers love the Dearborn area KIA Sorento Specials and superior safety features compared to its closest rivals. Take advantage of the modern technology and protect yourself with the numerous air bags, electronic stability control, 4-wheel disc brakes, traction control, and brake assist. The KIA has received plenty of accolades when it comes to the safety ratings, engine power, and compact shape. The 2017 KIA Sorento for Sale near Dearborn comes with special lane departure features that help the driver to adhere to the traffic rules.

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