The 2017 KIA Forte for Sale near Dearborn comes with plenty of exciting interior features, a beautiful exterior shape, sturdy powetrain, and a fuel-efficient engine. Besides, the top-notch safety features by Glassman Auto Group make KIA a desirable vehicle for most people across the globe. The following KIA Forte Specials will make a huge impact when you want to shop for a safe and fuel-efficient car.


By developing the versatile passenger and cargo areas, Glassman Auto Group has maximized the available space in the KIA Forte. Since the car has plenty of foldable seats, you can create additional cargo space whenever you want to go shopping. Since the cost of fuel has skyrocketed, the prospect of owning several cars is a daunting task. Having a car that you can convert to suit your various requirements will save you a significant amount of money. Such versatility will come in handy whenever you are shopping for a car for your daily commute, entertainment, and shopping requirements.


The carbon and aluminum composite fiber is lighter than most of the materials that form the outer envelope of many vehicles. While the body is relatively light, Glassman Auto includes a strong steel chassis that allows it remain compact and firm. Since the Forte for Sale has a small frontal area, it reduces the drag as well as the friction. The streamlined body cuts through the air with ease, reducing the friction and air resistsance considerably. KIA has exceeded the expectations of many people in the design and production of the Forte.  The seats are also light in weight. Like all the other features, the manufacturer attempts to reduce the overall weight in the quest to improve the fuel efficiency. The Forte for Sale does not carry any extra weight, meaning that the engine does not struggle in the steep areas. The optimum weight also reduces the pressure on the braking system in the steep descent. The windshield also comes with a lightweight glass. Since the canopy is made of polycarbonate fibers and alloys by the automakers serving Dearborn Michigan, it supports the climate control system with proper insulation and glazing.


Besides the other key specials to Dearborn car buyers, the powertrain has a 5-speed transmission system that is available in manual, automatic, CVT, and Tiptronic versions. The gearbox allows the easy shift of the gears to provide the smooth cruise that most people desire. Other features of the powertrain include the sturdy axles, driveshafts, and universal joints. The vehicle's suspension has carbon and aluminum alloys that form the arms and axles. The combination of sturdy shock absorbers and air-filled springs make this car a favorite choice for those who love a bit of luxury, comfort, and style. The tall and thin tires of the 2017 KIA Forte combine well with the anti-roll bars to keep the car on the road and prevent rolling. The ability to eliminate the dead weight enables the automaker serving Dearborn Michigan to lower the running costs of the car. By insisting on the elements that improve the functionality of the car, you can avoid wastage, reduce the weight, and maximize the key areas such as storage, seating, and power.


The 2017 KIA Forte for Sale near Dearborn competes with the closest rivals in terms of fuel economy and safety. Besides the supple leather and rear view mirrors that attract a host of buyers, most people love this car because of its mechanical aspects. Among other specials to Dearborn drivers, the modest engine generates sufficient power and torque, beating other vehicles in this class significantly. Since the manufacturer has eliminated the dead weight by focusing on the features that add value, this car beats all its rivals in terms of fuel economy and cost savings. The Glassman Auto Group engine has exceptional capabilities when it comes to towing.


Safety features top the list of specials to Dearborn residents and motorists. Besides the extra cameras that highlight the blind spots while giving you the visibility you need to stay safe on the road, nothing protects you better than the KIA Forte Specials and the advanced braking system. The braking innovations from the dealers serving Dearborn Michigan include the ABS, Brake Assist, and Emergency Brakes. The 2017 KIA Forte for Sale near Dearborn has an emergency response mechanism that engages these braking technologies to avoid the imminent danger. The brakes of the 2017 KIA Forte match the engine in terms of torque, meaning that you can stop the car even when driving at high speed. Considering that many vehicles do not match the braking power with the engine's abilities, you can rely on the mechanical aspects of the vehicle if you want to avoid accidents and collisions.

The ergonomically sound design of this 2017 KIA Forte ensures that every passenger is comfortable. The diesel engine is renowned for the huge amount of torque that you cannot find anywhere else. The KIA Forte Specials have increased the popularity of this car significantly.

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